About the Village of Carpentersville

A modern and diverse community steeped in a rich history of hard work and natural splendor.

The Fox River in Carpentersville, Illinois
Carpenter Park sign

A Foundation of Entrepreneurship on the Fox River

Charles and Daniel Carpenter settled what is now their namesake city in 1837. It was Charles’s enterprising son Angelo who, after mapping the land, gained ownership of a dam and mill, which he converted into a prosperous yarn and flannel factory. Angelo continued to acquire factories throughout the mid-1800s, attracting work-seeking Polish, German and Swedish immigrants to the burgeoning region. Carpenter was so dedicated to the increasingly diverse community that he even housed new residents, built a church and hosted cultural events, laying the foundation of the unique economic and social opportunities Carpentersville offers its residents and visitors today.

Flowers on Main Street in Carpentersville
John Jack Hill Memorial Park

Our Motto:

A flourishing community rooted in history and innovation.

Carpentersville roots itself in commerce, social diversity, inclusion, and community. Small and medium-size businesses of all types provide the backbone for affordable housing, a solid education system, and a network of natural resources for family-friendly activities and an outdoor lifestyle. All of this just a short drive from Chicagoland’s bounty of world-class economic and cultural resources.

OTTO Engineering, a community landmark located on the banks of the Fox River in the Village’s Old Town neighborhood, is complemented by a strong local manufacturing sector. Financial services, insurance, communications, and technology all contribute to a vibrant and stable workforce.

The beauty of the outdoors is palpable at nearly every turn with birds and wildlife sharing vast open spaces with hikers, bikers, runners and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes exploring the trails and paths through numerous forest preserves and public parks.

A Community Called Carpentersville

It started in a single spot next to the scenic Fox River in 1837. But there’s more than one reason the Carpenter family decided to stay and build a community.

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Beauty and nature’s bounty frame modern-day Carpentersville. It’s a place graced by an impressive concentration of parks and forest preserves, the rushing Fox River and a diverse community who call it home.


Just as the Carpenter family appreciated the rewards of hard work, today’s residents come from all walks of life to contribute to a thriving and energetic community. More important, a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences enrich the development of a learning culture that will drive prosperity for years to come.

The Diverse People of Carpentersville
Police officer talking with a family

Fellowship & Family

A balanced mix of business provides access to affordable housing and first-rate services. Residents take pride in their homes and look out for their neighbors, whether it’s a quick smile and friendly “hello” or a more meaningful contribution to the work of a local civic organization like Boys & Girls Club or Jerri Hoffman Child and Family Center.

Tri-Cities Little League has thrived in Carpentersville for more than 60 years, serving thousands of children and their families with teamwork skills, life lessons, and fun. Families also flock to the Fox River Valley Libraries for learning, literacy and special events like movies, crafting and much more.


A Map of Carpentersville, Illinios

A Thriving Region

The Carpentersville Experience includes much more than the charming village and its beautiful surroundings. Carpentersville’s proximity to the “Golden Corridor” and the economic development occurring in the area has lifted the entire region’s profile as a place to live, learn, work and invest.  When communities and assets within a 30-minute drive are included, the greater Carpentersville area includes several of Chicagoland's most important shopping and cultural destinations.

Carpentersville residents are just minutes away from the nationally recognized Woodfield Mall and the bustling corporate offices surrounding it. The area also counts the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel as its home, along with many of the region’s signature dining and lifestyle destinations.

Standout cultural and entertainment venues include the Sears Centre, Hemmens Cultural Center, Arlington Park, Grand Victoria Riverboat and the minor league ballpark that’s home to the Schaumburg Boomers. And along the way to these noteworthy locations, charming small towns offering classic “Main Street” ambiance dot the landscape.

Buildings in Carpentersville

Economic Powerhouse

The Golden Corridor is one of the most important employment Centers in the region with several Fortune 500 company headquarters, numerous industrial parks, and important medical facilities. Sears Holdings, Motorola Solutions, United Airlines, The Nielson Company, U.S. Robotics, and numerous others rely on the area for key segments of their workforce.

The Carpentersville Experience also provides a dozen higher educational options, ranging from branch locations for Chicagoland's leading universities (Roosevelt, DePaul, and NIU among them) to community and four-year colleges.

Two people enjoying the Fox River on kayaks

Recreation Unlimited

In addition to Carpentersville’s extraordinary natural resources, the surrounding area boasts incredibly scenic stretches of the Fox River and dozens of local forest preserves that feature classic recreational activities for the most active and also relaxed, explorers. The 2,200 acre Moraine Hills State Park, almost half of which is comprised of lakes and waterfalls, offers visitors countless outdoor adventures. Easy access points to Northern Illinois’ most important trail systems also traverse the area, with the Village of Carpentersville marking the halfway point of the beloved Fox River Valley Trail.

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